Employment at the State

The State Cinema is a nine screen boutique independent cinema specialising in international, Australian and quality film with a focus on a mature audience. We specialise in Film Festivals and Event Screenings throughout the year and the complex includes a Rooftop Cinema, large Café Bar and Bookstore.

We are always happy to accept applications, and if you have the relevant skills and experience - particularly in one of the below positions - and think you'd make a great State team member, please feel free to complete our application form and send with your resume and a brief introduction to the email address given below.


All positions at the State Cinema require a minimum availability of 12 months onwards from commencement of employment. New employees must be available between the 25th of December and 1st of February in their first year with us and at least every second one of these periods to follow.

Please keep in mind that our peak times coincide with all school and public holidays, regular weekends and other major events - therefore if you often have commitments during these times a position with us may not be suitable.


To ensure that we successfully receive your complete application, exactly how you want it to look please follow these instructions closely:

Minimum requirements for application:
    * A State Cinema Position Application form (Word or PDF) Download Here
   * Current resume

To be sent to employment@statecinema.com.au. Please reference the position you are applying for in the subject line. PDF is preferred format for text documents.
Please note a current Police check may be requested for Adult positions.
Accepted formats for text attachments are: .docx, .pdf or .jpg only.
Videos can be: .mov, .mp4, .m4v, .wmv or .avi only.
Google docs links or similar are not recommended. DO NOT send any attachments in a zip file.
In addition, we strongly encourage applicants to send a video file (easily done on a smartphone) simply telling us your name, your work experience and why you want to work at the State.

Please note that due to the volume of applications we receive, we are only able to make contact with shortlisted candidates.

Junior Positions
Junior roles at the State Cinema are suited to 16 – 18 year olds who are friendly, well-presented, quick on their feet and eager to learn. A minimum of 6 months prior experience working in a customer service role is essential, preferably in the food service industry. Junior staff work under the supervision of Senior employees, and are expected to follow instructions closely, complete assigned tasks and communicate effectively with both customers and staff in a polite, efficient manner at all times. Required availability for a Casual position is a minimum of two shifts per week, on weekend days or any evening during school terms and an increased availability over holiday periods. Rostered daytime shifts commence between 9.30am–1.00pm, and finish between 3.00pm–7.00pm. Evening shifts commence between 4.00pm–5.45pm, and finish between 8.30pm–10.00pm. Shifts vary from week to week, and average 2-3 per week during normal business times, with increased shifts during peak holiday periods. Permanent Junior positions are on a 4 week rotating roster, which includes working 2 weekends per month.

Senior Positions
Senior roles at the State Cinema require an absolute minimum of 2 years relevant experience, with the expectation that you have already acquired an extensive range of hospitality skills and have a great eye for detail both front and back of house. Senior staff direct Junior staff as necessary and can competently work unsupervised. The ability to deliver a premium level of customer service and undertake all assigned responsibilities in a professional and efficient manner is essential. Required availability for a Casual position is a minimum of two shifts per week, on weekend days or any evening, with an increased availability during peak times (public and school holiday) of business. Rostered daytime shifts commence between 9.00am-1.00pm, finishing between 2.00pm–9.00pm. Evening shifts commence between 4.00pm-6.00pm, finishing between 8.30pm-1.00am. All shifts are dependent on seasonal hours of operation, and rostered accordingly. Casual shifts vary from week to week, averaging 2-4 shifts per week during normal business times, with increased shifts during peak holiday periods. Permanent Senior positions are on a 4 week rotating roster, which includes working 2 weekends per month. We look for candidates with potential to move up to higher positions when engaging new Senior employees, and a pathway exists to undertake further training for Supervisor and Manager roles to suitable employees.

If you are successful in commencing training with the State in any position, a series of assessments and progress reviews will take place throughout your training and probation period. Employment will not continue if required standards are not met at each of these assessments.

Current Vacancies

Bookstore Manager

We are looking for a professional retail manager to oversee all aspects of the store’s operations, with a focus on driving sales and profitability, team leadership and ensuring quality customer service. This vacancy is a rare opportunity to combine your passion with your job, and a love of books and reading is essential. You must have a proven background in retail – books or giftware being ideal but not critical – and be able to demonstrate strong skills in all of the duties listed below.  

Maintain relevant market knowledge
Stock selection and ordering
Develop business strategies to expand customer reach and optimise profitability
Stock management including returns and stocktake
Training, rostering, motivation and ongoing development of staff
Uphold high quality customer service levels, respond to customer complaints
Overseeing merchandising of stock, maintenance of store appearance
Ensure compliance with business policies
Effective problem solving, prioritising and decision making
Creating and implementing new policies and procedures as required
Financial reporting and budgeting
Manage book events
Maintenance of instructions and manuals
Local area marketing including website, social media and e-news
Effective communication with staff throughout the wider business, reporting directly to the Complex Manager

You will possess excellent computer skills and experience with any bookselling/database software as well as POS systems will be beneficial. You can demonstrate great attention to detail across all areas of the Bookstore operations, and will have strong communication skills. We are looking for an approachable, well-presented individual to join the State team. This is a Permanent Full Time position, and note this does involve frequent lifting of stock. Please provide a one-page maximum cover letter with your resume, summarising your relevant skills and workplace experience, along with why you believe you are a great fit for the job.

Please make sure that you reach all of our minimum criteria before considering applying. All applications must be sent to:


Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.