The State is a non-discriminatory service provider. In the interests of maintaining a pleasant environment for all our patrons to enjoy, we kindly request that the following code of conduct be respected:

* No use of mobile phones inside cinemas or cinema corridors. 
* Phones must be switched off inside the cinemas.
*Appropriate dress – including always shoes and shirt – and an acceptable level of hygiene are required.
* No outside food or drinks to be brought inside the premises.
*Children are welcome but must remain seated, appropriately behaved and accompanied by an adult at all times.
*Hats are to be removed whilst inside the cinemas.
* Noise should be kept to a level that does not interfere with other patron’s enjoyment.
* The Cinema will seek reimbursement for any damages to property caused by an individual.
* Cameras and recording devices are not permitted.
*No responsibility is accepted for lost or unattended property.
* All facilities, including toilets and cafe spaces are for the use of State patrons only.
*Furniture is not to be moved by patrons.
* Complimentary water is supplied for State patrons only.
* By entering the premises you accept that video and audio recordings may be made for security purposes.
Groups of more than 15 persons visiting our cafe or bar spaces must check in with staff upon arrival.
* Any person exhibiting inappropriate behaviour will be asked to leave the premises.

State Cinema Non-Discriminatory Policy

The State Cinema aims to create an environment which is free from discrimination, where all members of staff and patrons are treated with dignity, courtesy and respect. Discrimination or harassment of any kind, towards any staff member or patron will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Disciplinary action will be taken against any employee who breaches this policy. Any patron displaying unacceptable behaviour towards other patrons or staff will be required to leave the premises immediately.

For more information, please view our Privacy policy.